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On Road Experience with Zarengold Private Train

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar

Three countries, three cultures, one exciting train journey to connect them – welcome aboard the Trans-Siberian! And what’s a better way to experience such dramatic landscapes, glorious cultures than on Zarengold?

  We have shortlisted for you 10 Experiences to look forward to on the Zarengold.

Life aboard the Train

The great pleasure of trans – Siberian travel are the on – board rituals of eating sleeping and simply gazing through the widows at the unfurling landscape. Also getting to know the fellow passenger. Amble along to the restaurant car and pal up with the provodnitsa, the female train attendant who cherishes her carriage as her own little fiefdom.

The Russian Tea Party!

Indians, Chinese, Japanese, British and Turks are not the only tea lovers in the world. As it turns out – Russians have evolved their very own Tea Ritual over the centuries. Samovars - an integral part of this are Ornate Metal tea makers. These have quenched thirst for generations and provided a setting for great too many scenes in Russian theatre.  On the Zarengold, savour a cup of traditional Samovar tea like a Tsar / Tsarina accompanied with traditional snacks and stories.  

“Khleb da sol!" in Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk – the gateway to Siberia is a special town and the experience is amplified by welcoming guests with Bread & Salt. In the erstwhile Russia the two commodities symbolized prosperity. That may not be the case anymore but the tradition continues.

Many colors of Vodka

The relationship between a Russian and a glass of vodka is almost mystical. There are more than 100 flavours of Vodka and what’s better to bond you better with your travelling mates than few shots during Vodka Tasting?

Rendezvous with Sibiryakis!

Strolling through the Siberian villages, dotted with wooden houses (Izby in Russian), embracing to the railway, hugging the rivers and lake shores or hiding deep in the forests, is a treat in itself and Sibiryakis the warmest of Russians!

Lake Baikal – Russia’s Sacred Sea

The biggest highlight of a Trans Siberian  Journey is the visit to Lake Baikal. The Zarengold takes it up a notch by taking you on an exclusive breath-taking train ride along the banks of Lake Baikal!

Take a swim in Lake Baikal's icy water will come out 10 years younger! Followed by a shot Vodka! If you don't like cold water, there is another way you can make yourself feel younger: fulfill your childhood dream and ride with the engineer of the Zarengold Gold private train!

If you don't like cold water, there is another way you can make yourself feel younger: fulfill your childhood dream and ride with the engineer of the Zarengold private train!

In the evening have a Gala time with barbecue dinner while you memorize the beautiful surrounding that will last forever! 

Live like Genghis Khan for a day!

Experience the mini Naadam festival in the steppes of Mongolia arranged especially for the guest who can’t miss a chance being on the land of Genghis Khan and living like one!

“Live like a Nomad” in a Traditional Mongolian Ger.

Spend a night in Traditional Ger - a warm & cozy dwelling covered with animal felts. You also get a chance to catch up with the famed Mongolian nomads over lunch and some Airag!

Tumen Ekh Ensemble

Splendent chance to attend the performance of traditional Mongolian folk arts including entrancing throat singing, horse-headed fiddle playing, national costumes and dances.

(please note Ger camp and Tumen Ekh Ensemble are optional experience, subject to availability)

Your clients are guaranteed great comfort, safety, seamless operations and unforgettable experiences when travelling aboard the Lernidee’s Zarengold train on Trans – Siberian Railway, and for you – irrefutable commissions, exclusive product and satisfying sales support! 

Check out our journeys now!

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