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Why You should travel the Trans Siberian Railway?

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar

Embrace the Trans - Siberian Dream 

What is the better journey? Travelling by road is fun, Air is Fast but travelling by Train is the best way to visit different countries. You have possibility to stretch your legs and don’t forget about the amazing landscape you’ll get along the way during the journey; which makes you go back in time when rail travel was an elegant affair.

Some of the world's most famous and iconic railway journeys can be found from the pioneering engineering feat of the Jungfrau Railway to the lavish Venice Simplton-Orient and the longest Railway in the world – Trans – Siberian Railway starting from Russia.

  • Trans- Siberian Railroad is the world’s most famous train route – 102-year-old.

  • It captures the imagination and stands out as ultimate rail journey, which passes through seven time zones, connecting Moscow in west and Beijing in the east over Ural Mountain across the endless steppe and along the largest freshwater Lake Baikal.

  • Lake Baikal is a natural wonder that is worth visiting, which is not only largest and deepest lake in the World but marked as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Such monumental journey packs a world of awe-inspiring, romantic and least to say memorable experiences possible. A sophisticated, comfortable and panoramic way to enjoy all this is aboard the Zarengold Private Train between Moscow to Beijing.

People taking picture of the scenery seen through the train window while seated at their breakfast table
Tsar’s Gold Private Train is incomparable in the world and is the classic way to travel the famous Trans- Siberian Railroad

Tsar’s Gold Private Train is incomparable in the world and is the classic way to travel the famous Trans- Siberian Railroad”

  • Zarengold private train has been exclusively designed for tourist travel with six different compartment categories and facilities to the VIP compartment featuring en-suite facilities and all modern amenities.

  • A sophisticated-on board experience features its own restaurant, offering up local specialties prepared by skilled chefs.

  • After every delicious meal, the dining car is the ideal place to enjoy a drink at the bar while marveling at the vast landscapes.

  • The two-week passage feels more like a cruise than a train ride as it stops for daily excursions along the way.

"Experience one of the last great travel adventure, aboard the Zarengold on Trans - Siberian Railway"

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