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Why you should take a Rail Holiday?

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar


Train travel is the most underrated form of long-distance travel out there. Air travel certainly has its ups and downs, and long car trips can easily go awry. But train travel? Under most circumstances, is stress-free.


Comfort and Relaxation

When you’re on a train, the only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. Unlike road travel, there’s no traffic to deal with and you don’t have to worry about taking a wrong turn and getting lost, or on a flight the constant fear of crashing or being hijacked.

On a train, you get to see countryside you often wouldn’t see if you were driving the highway or flying thousands of miles in the air.

Meet new people

Trains are a means of transportation that allows people to move comfortably and interact with others. Folks find it easy to converse with fellow passengers, passing the time by trading travel stories and learning about each other’s home countries.

No Luggage Problem

Unlike air travel, travelling by train allows you to carry luggage without extra fees. You can easily store your baggage above your seat and in your compartment.

It's a great way to Unplug

There's nothing like moving away from the regular grind, stressors, you can alter your place, but it's not enough to modify your head space sometimes. From high speed to panoramic trains, the experience of travelling on board a train is simply unique.

Old-Fashioned Charm

There’s something refreshing about taking a train, particularly if you’re traveling long distance. The Traditional wooden carving décor, dining cars with full-service meals, when attendant brings tea/coffee to your compartment - which transports you to the Golden Era of train travel.

Beyond Transportation

Unlike airplanes, which whisk you from point A to point B with barely a glimpse of what’s in between, a Rail Holiday is a whole different experience. Consider train journeys like Trans – Siberian Railway, African Explorer, and Orient Silk Road; in these railroads you get to explore even the smaller, lesser known destinations by train.

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