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What things to pack during rail journey?

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar

Couple on a platform
A packing guide for rail holiday

Traveling cross-country by train is an adventure that requires packing light and thoughtfully so that everything you might need is easily accessible!

Pack Comfortably

Though trains do not have the luggage restrictions of airlines, it's advisable to pack light. In fact, the reality is that on a busy schedule you’ll be hopping in and out of trains regularly. The high stairs, overhead luggage racks, need for quick alighting from carriages, and the occasional last-minute sprint for a soon-to-be-departing train mean the lighter the better. Use Lightweight Luggage

Instead of bringing one large suitcase, it is recommended to carry duffel bags or a cabin bag. Because storage space is limited, it is better to break down your luggage in smaller bags. Hard shell luggage is not suggested, as they are not very convenient on board the train. Carry Backpack for essentials

It is recommended to carry a separate backpack or small bag for the overnight stays in hotels, has enough space to store your essentials.


Recommended items for a Rail Holiday.

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