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Stay Healthy on World's Legendary Train!

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar

Travel is romantic, inspiring, exhilarating and many more things; only when you are in good health. We Indians like to try new cuisine but the thought of getting sick during travel keeps us from trying. This especially becomes true on long train journeys.

Worry not! We got you covered. Follow these basics to stay healthy on your Rail Holiday!

Eat Vegetables!

Eating veggies in the right proportion can help you to maintain a healthy diet during your trip .

Stay warm and healthy!

Food plays a very important role in keeping us warm and healthy in colder regions. It is recommended to eat warm food like chilies, fried food, nuts, meats.

Traveling in remote area?

It’s a good thing to stock up at the local supermarket might include instant noodles & upma, thepla, khakhra, chakali, fruits and chocolate.

Go Local!

During the hop in and hop off scenario or excursion, one can go and explore the ethnicity of the place and have full cooked meal by folks.

Meal on board?

Are 3 course affairs. Usually starts with soup or salad followed by main course and desert.

Bar Service Available on Board?

Having a glass of famous Russian Vodka in the evening with a panoramic view, not only keeps you warm but also bonds you with fellow travellers.

Some of our Vegetarian Varieties On Board


  • Vegetarian curry with cauliflower

  • Rice with Indian chickpea sauces

  • Vegetarian chili

  • Vegetarian Lasagne


  • Vegetarian chilli

  • Vegetable stew

  • Mushroom soup

Some of our Non Vegetarian Varieties On Board


  • Spaghetti bolognese

  • Shashlik or Kebab with onions

  • Roast meat with Caucasian


  • Schtschi – Russian Cabbage Soup

  • Ugra-Osh (Chickensoup with noodles)

  • Borschtsch-Soup

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