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Know Your Home on Trans - Siberian Railroad!

Updated: May 28, 2020

- Karishma Revankar

The Zarengold - a private Trans-Siberian train will be your home on wheels for a two-week exploration of Eurasia’s most captivating locations. Journey across Siberia, stopping at the most historically rich and awe-inspiring locations Russia has to offer. It is thus quite necessary to book your clients in the right compartments to make their experience stand out.



Bolshoi Platinum is designed with the elite clients in mind. The Cabin offers you most comfortable option on the Trans Siberian Route. With only 5 cabins per car, Bolshoi Platinum comes equipped with two beds, a small sofa seat and table along with en-suite toilet and shower cube and washing area. It also has individual air conditioning allowing manual temperature controls. The tall closet offers enough space for luggage storage.



The Bolshoi category features 2 beds – one upper and a lower berth including the small sofa, table and en- suite washroom facility. Each cabin has an individual air – conditioning and small closet. The 6 compartment per car, make it slightly smaller than the Bolshoi Platinum.



The best option for a family of four or a group of friends travelling together. Offering best of both worlds, the Nostalgic Comfort compartments features Two beds – one upper and one lower including the wardrobe facility and Semi-private showers shared between two cabins. This category offers comfort of Bolshois and price benefit over the two categories.



Superior Plus features two lower beds and combined shower and toilet facilities. This exclusive category available only for the B2B client who book the allotment a year prior.



The Classic & Superior category becomes slightly comfortable compared to standard category. Features 2 in a cabin with two lower beds and shower, 9 compartment per car. There are 2 shared bathrooms with sink and toilet facility per car. The only difference between these two categories is the shower facility shared between the number of cars.



Standard compartment is affordable category for 3 to 4 friends, who are out for adventurous experience. The compartment features four beds with two upper and two lower beds, which is 9 compartment per car. There are 2 shared bathrooms with sink and toilet facility per car.




CHOOSE between 6 ENJOY best – in – class service DELIGHT in diverse

compartment categories, from friendly and knowledgeable dishes and flavours

ranging from standard to staff, both on and off the train. found along the

Bolshoi Platinum world’s longest train


Book yourself on the Zarengold Trans Siberian Today!

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