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A Rail Safari through the Africa

- Bhakti Rane

Often Africa is hailed as the Mother of all! Researchers believe this is where it all started. Why? the continental drift of course! Even today archaeologists keep conducting several researches through this continent to understand the roots of mankind's evolution - both physically and culturally. The attempt of writing about Africa in one blog can be as feeble as writing about the Romans in one go. Hence, we will try to cover only a part of it here, more precisely - Southern Africa.

Africa has always been a wild land, great for safaris! Since the time western powers captured these lands, did Game Safaris become popular. Earlier, with fewer restrictions and laws, a game safari literally meant hunting. Today, though its more of a wildlife viewing experience. A typical idea of a safari, as we all know is to hop into a jeep and go searching for animals. While that may be a popular & inexpensive way, there are more innovative and luxurious ways of doing safaris. Try Hot air balloon safaris, micro-flight safaris, but our favorite is a Rail Safari!

How well it is to roll through the wilderness in your own comfort, observing the landscape change, watching those magnificent creatures in their natural splendor while you sip on your champagne. All this whilst doing the traditional experiences of a Game drive and staying in a luxurious game lodge! You know, what's most exciting? stopping the train in the middle whenever any rare creature is spotted! Isn't it great?

Africa holds so many spectacles! Kenya- Tanzania thanks to their easy accessibility are usually the stars but ever wondered how it must be in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique and Namibia? From the Bald heads of Matobo, the world's largest rock art gallery (and by that we don't mean rock music), awe-inspiring Blyde River canyon, towering red dunes, otherworldly salt panes, skeleton beaches and the obvious natural wonder of Victoria falls, these hidden gems are sure to take your breath away!

We're just starting - there's always talk about various Rain Gods but have you ever met a living breathing Rain Queen? (Hint: she resides somewhere in South-east Africa), wondered what it would be like to style your hair with clay? seen wild dogs? at least, ghost towns? No? Are you sure you know Africa? Trod the less beaten path to truly experience nature's bounty - stands absolutely true in case of Africa!

So when are you joining us on a Rail Safari with African Explorer?

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